Sunday, March 6, 2011

Models From Extreme Curves Leigh D


few days ago, walking with my sisters, we passed a bakery and saw some manolito window that looked delicious, we could not resist and entered take us one, and what was our surprise that the only good thing was the appearance, it is a puff dry, hollow, with little filler, the coverage it got stuck on the palate and teeth and it was uncomfortable to eat, was a disappointment, and I stayed clear to win, and although I have not done in the form of Manolito, the ingredients are the same, pastry and pumpkin, and I took desire and of course the unpleasant memory, and taking advantage of having a soft handle and very sweet, I decided to make another handle.
Sometimes I wonder as a pastry of a central street in Malaga, is supposed to have good professionals and good commodity, a thing so easy and simple as puff pumpkin can be so bad.
2 sheets of pastry 250 gr.
each 250 grs. of homemade pumpkin
1 large ripe mango 2 tablespoons sugar

------------------- 1 egg coloring icing sugar

do Mode:
Cut each pastry sheet in half, sprinkled with sugar and passed the roller to embed it and stretch it a little time to make it thinner, lattices with the roller to the marks I make, if there are some not cut with a knife the opening term.
I put the filling over the pastry sheet, paint with water and put the lattice edges by pressing a bit to stay banged up.
Pinto egg puff, and I preheated oven at 200 ยบ heat up and down in the second slot, and leave 35 minutes, or until the pastry looks golden and below is not oil.
Les dusting icing sugar, let it warm and ready to eat.
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